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Automate Your Sales Funnels 

Are You Selling Product or Service? 

Do you know You can Scale your Business to the Next Level by automating Everything from Collecting Leads, Nurturing them , Building Relationships, Making Sales, Post Sales . We can Help you Scale your business while delighting your customers with Automation....

Make Sales with WhatsApp Automation

Reach Where Your Customers Hang Out!

70% people didn't pick phone call in first time . Reach Directly to the Prospect's Inbox and make Personalised Offer which Improves Sales by Atleast 20%

Generate Leads on Linkedin

Find Your High Ticket Client With LinkedIn Automation

Reach hundreds of High ticket Clients Every single Day , Connect with them with Automation. 

Pitch them Personalised Offers and Increase your Conversion Rate by 10%

Reach More People With ADS with Automation

ADS Not Working? Can Not Reach More People? Cant Make Sale?

Scale Your Facebook/ Instagram Ads with Highest ROAS with Advanced Tools and Analytics 

Build Your Ecosystem with Email Marketing

Why Leave  Your Trusted Client after a Sale?

Convert your Sale into a Recurring Client with Advanced Email Automations.

Reach Potential leads and Convert them. 

Build Your brand Without Relying on Social Media.

Graphics and Video

Presentation Matters!!

Need a new brochure or landing page on your website? Need editing for that testimonial video you recorded ages ago? Add a task in your dashboard and it’s done!

Personal Branding

You are your Brand

Business With Personal Branding Sells Average of 800% over the brands that neglected them. 

Build Your brand , Reach your Audience , Connect with them and build a Relationship with Personal Branding.

Our projects of Every Industry: How we're changing the game

We can say that our projects in Every Industry are changing the game with AI Automations. They are bringing new opportunities to those who are looking for them and making a difference in the industry. We hope that our work will continue to inspire others to make a difference in their own way.

All of this, at your fingertips

Now you can finally make that dream happen by offloading your marketing tasks to our team of heroes

Close deals anywhere, anytime

Through Our Strategic structure of Funnel , You can get Clients around the world and scale your business to the next level

All your customer data in one place

Easily import contacts from any source and with our integrations ensure all your customer touch points are synced with the CRM

Segment your contacts easily


Analytics that help you improve

Tasks and Todo that automatically update

How Are We Scaling Business 10 -100x

Webinar Funnel automation for Maximum Sales

Watch how the Webinar funnels are  made and generated 10x sales

Webinar Funnel automation for Maximum Sales

Watch how we generated Sales with Email Marketing Automation


Nipun Syal, specializes in helping businesses automate their workflows and get the most out of their digital marketing efforts.

 He is part of Standford Seed Spark Cohort 5 from Standford University Graduate School of Business United States. He is the founder of Edtech Eduzphere E Solutions Pvt Ltd, a consultancy that helps businesses harness the power of technology in education, and Struczphere Consultants, a company that provides Real Estate , Structure & Architechtural Works,  BOTZPHERE digital marketing services which are Artificial Intelligence Automation Experts for scaling the business.

He also owns The Food Garden Cafe, a popular restaurant in his hometown. His mission is to digitally scale 1000 businesses by 2025.”

Stop losing customers and Scale Your Business with Us.

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